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What is Hotfrog?
 It's a place for you, the small business owner, to tell the world what you do differently.

A Hotfrog profile is a tool for you to create demand for your business. Say exactly what's different about your products and services, add images, create coupons and put your business' unique approach and personality in front of people searching online. So if you consider service to be more than just delivering something on time, Hotfrog can help you stand out to potential customers.

Hotfrog began in 2005 as three people and an idea, and has grown through experimentation and perseverance. Today Hotfrog is in 38 countries, and helps 69 million businesses reach new customers globally.

Is Hotfrog really free? What's the catch?
A Hotfrog profile is absolutely free. Hotfrog provides its customers an upgraded paid option, Hotfrog AdVantage, but there is no obligation to signup at any time.
Can I email a business appearing on Hotfrog?
If a business has included email as a contact option you'll find a link called 'Email' on their profile, so it's easy for you to email them directly. If there's no email link, give them a call or follow the links to their business website.

Where did Hotfrog get my business profile?
There are several sources from where Hotfrog may have obtained the details of your business. The details may have come from publicly available records, from websites or from commercial data suppliers. Often, a profile will be pulled together by Hotfrog from a combination of sources. You can, of course, create your own business profile.
What steps does Hotfrog take to adhere to relevant privacy codes of conduct?
There are currently Hotfrog websites in 38 countries and, of course, each of those countries has its own privacy code. Hotfrog's legal team goes to considerable lengths to understand the business' responsibilities regarding data security and privacy.

We aim to follow best practice in each country to ensure all data is handled appropriately.

How do I appear higher in Hotfrog search results?
The search result order is worked out first by a profile's ranking and then by alphabetical order if all rankings are equal. Rankings are based on several things, including how closely the keywords in your profile match the words entered into the search, and how new the information is on the profile. A complete profile as well as regular updates about your business will help you compete in the rankings on Hotfrog:
  • Add a detailed business description
  • Add your business website
  • Add pages on all your products and services
  • Add new business information regularly
Why doesn't my email address show on my business profile?
To protect you from spam your email address isn't displayed publicly. Instead we show a link which people click on to email your business. To check or update this email address, go to your profile page and click on 'Update now'. Follow the instructions and you'll be given administrator access, connecting you to your profile.
What's the difference between a business email and an administrator's email?
The business email is the one you have elected for potential customers to contact you on. Your administrator's email is the address you use to login to your profile and is where Hotfrog will send your reports. You can decide to use the same email address for both.
Can my profile be associated to more than one administrator?
Yes it can. Go to your profile and click on 'Update now'. Follow the instructions to join Hotfrog and a verification email will be sent to the original administrator's email address. Only the current profile manager can grant administrator's access to another email address.
How do I add my business details?
On every page, you'll find an 'Add your business' link. Click on it and follow the steps, including the verification of your email address. Complete your profile up to 100%, describing your business the way you want to. Your profile will be live before the end of the day.
How do I update and edit my business details already featured on Hotfrog?
Go to your profile page and click on 'Update now'. Follow the instructions and you'll be given administrator's access, connecting you to your profile. Login anytime to make further changes or check reports.
I have added my business profile on Hotfrog but I can't login to edit it.
When you add your business profile on Hotfrog, an email is sent to your administrator email address for validation. This email contains a link which you have to click on, you will then be given access to login to the dashboard where you can make edits. To ensure that you receive this email. Please add '' to your safe senders list and check your junk mail box to see if the email is there. If you still don't receive the validation email, please contact Hotfrog.
Can I change my business description?
Yes, once you have administrator access you're connected to your profile. Login to your profile and on the dashboard scroll down to 'Business description'. Click on 'Edit' and start typing.
What makes a great business description?
One that tells searchers exactly what you do and gets your expertise across, so they know you're the right person for the job. Make it simple, describing what you do the same way you would to someone you met for the first time. Use the description to tell the world what you do differently.
How many products and services can I add to my profile?
The more unique and different pages the better. Your profile is your place online, so each product or service should have its own page in your profile. Just login to your profile and on the dashboard scroll down to 'Products and services'. Click on 'Add more products and services', keep on adding til you've covered everything you offer. If you sell it, people are searching for it.
What's the advantage of more product and services pages?
Search engines are always looking for new information to include in search results. The more relevant pages you have the more likely they are to reach searchers looking for your products. The pages are an opportunity for the freshest news, information and products to be found online. Create a unique page for each of your products and services rather than a single summary of everything you offer on one page.
How do I add news and updates?
Login to your profile and in the dashboard scroll down to 'News and updates'. Click 'Add more news and updates'. Type in your news and click 'Submit'.
What should I add as news and updates?
Anything new and improved about your business that's of interest to potential customers. It could be a new product, extended trading hours, a new store, a new manager, a new brand in stock, or something you're doing better than the competition. News and updates give search engines something new to find and can improve your ranking on Hotfrog.
What if I don't want to display my address?
A full address isn't mandatory. However, we do recommend you include as many details as possible. If you don't wish to disclose your street address (i.e. you work from home) you can leave this field blank. You will still need to provide a suburb, postcode and state as these fields are mandatory requirements and will indicate a more general location in the map.
How can I change the map in my profile?
Please note that the map that appears in your profile is automatically generated by Google maps. However, you are able to move the red pointer by logging into your profile and going to the 'Edit business details' section and dragging the pointer on the map to the desired location.
How do I submit a complaint?
If you have an issue you'd like to share, contact Hotfrog. Describe the problem in as much detail as you can and the Hotfrog customer service team will reply to you shortly.
How do I report profile mistakes on Hotfrog?
If you see any incorrect details contact Hotfrog. If you have the correct information, please send it through. Or just describe the mistake and the Hotfrog team will get back to you shortly.
What does an error message mean?
Usually it's just a one off glitch on the website and it will fix itself if you go back to the homepage and start again. If you find the same error message appearing regularly, then contact Hotfrog. Try to describe when the message occurred and include the actual error message if you can. The Hotfrog customer services team will investigate and reply to you shortly.
How do I remove my free profile?
Your profile is placing your business in front of potential customers right now, not just on Hotfrog but on other search engines too. If you do want to leave though, login and click on 'My account' once you've logged into the dashboard. From there click on 'Remove your free profile' and follow the instructions.
Can I talk to someone at Hotfrog via phone?
Hotfrog does not have a call centre facility, however our Customer service team can be easily reached via the online contact form provided in the Hotfrog site. The team aims to respond within 48 hours (excluding weekends) of receiving the enquiry.
Does Hotfrog provide my information to telemarketers?
Hotfrog does not use telemarketing with our customers nor do we sell your contact details without your explicit permission to any third parties for telemarketing or any other purpose. We are actively trying to block (technically) and discourage (through direct communication) telemarketing companies from this intrusive practice and we will be putting in place more overt tools to help our customers discourage telemarketers in the near future.

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