How to add, edit and remove coupons

Looking for an interesting way to attract new customers and drive sales for your business? Consider adding coupons to your profile as these can help you generate more business. By having a coupon just for Hotfrog searchers you can track how many customers are coming to your business from this site.

Use coupons to attract potential customers' attention, highlight your specials on particular products or services and advertise seasonal offers in your profile.

To start adding, editing or removing coupons, login through your Hotfrog dashboard by clicking on the 'Login' link on the top right hand corner of any Hotfrog page and type in your email address and password.

To add a coupon

Scroll to the 'Special offers / coupons' box then click 'Add Special Offer & Coupon' to begin. Your business name and contact details will automatically be filled in. All you need to do is add a coupon headline that sums up your offer and outline what is included in the offer details.

You can also tailor the offer by including 'Restrictions or legal information'. If the coupon is limited to particular buyers, set a maximum number with 'Limit coupons', choose an expiry date and include a 'Promotional code' to track where customers are coming from.

Your Coupon Preview will update with each change you make.

Finally, check you have ticked the 'Active' box to activate your coupon. Read Hotfrog's Terms of Use and -- once you're happy with your coupon -- click 'Add Coupon'.

To edit or delete a coupon

Scroll to the 'Special offers / coupons' box to see list of all the coupons you have added. To edit or delete any of these, simply click on the name of the coupon and edit the coupon details.

To delete a coupon, simply untick the 'Active' box. Your coupon will not be included in your profile anymore, but the details are saved for future use.

When you are happy with the changes, click 'Update Coupon'.

Check and update your coupons regularly and delete any that have expired or are for products or services your business no longer supplies.

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