Top tips for writing a great business description

First impressions count -- especially in business -- so you want potential customers to get the right impression when they see your business description on Hotfrog. After all, it's one of the first things they'll read about your business and you want that good impression to last.

Login to your Hotfrog dashboard to add or edit your business description by clicking on the 'Login' link on the top right hand corner of any Hotfrog page. Type in your email address and password, and you're ready to go.

Scroll to 'Business description' then click on 'Add your business description' and start writing your description in the text box. If you need some inspiration to craft your ideal description, click on the 'Tips and examples' link.

A good tip when writing a great business description is to mention your business name three to four times within your text because it helps optimise your profile for search engines, which increases the chance of potential customers finding your business.

Remember to write about your key products or services so potential customers will get a clear picture of what your business offers. Keep the description informative, by including interesting facts, such as how long your business has been operating, so people will keep reading. Aim for a business description of between 50 and 200 words to give people enough information to make a decision about your business and want to contact you.

Once you're happy with your business description, click 'Submit'.

It's a good idea to update your business description regularly, showing any change to your business, e.g. if you have introduced any new products or services or have removed others.

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