Five tips to help you deal with negative customer reviews

Dealing with negative customer feedback has never been easy. Today, that difficulty is considerably multiplied given the broad online exposure of most small businesses. 

1. Don’t ignore it, it won’t disappear
Ignoring negative feedback will only make it grow. If other customers get a chance to jump on the conversation, it might get out of hand before you know it. So, take a deep breath, keep the anger under control and dilute any anger and negativity.

2. Act quickly 
As with most customer complaints, if you take longer than 24 hours to respond, the ball could have started rolling and it could be too late to stop it.

3. Look at the beast in the eyes
If you are aware of the problem and know the person complaining about your products and services, try to deal with them directly. It will save you a lot of time (and perhaps even money). Don’t be defensive.Then, give the issue the importance that it deserves.

4. Offer concrete, personalised solutions
The good news is that in most cases unhappy reviewers can be easily placated. If it costs you a coffee, a meal or some bonus points, consider it a marketing investment and a well spent investment.

5. Wear your negotiator's hat
Think about who your audience is. You are not merely replying to an irate customer, you are displaying your professionalism before a difficult situation to an audience of potential customers.

5. How do I look at  and edit reviews
Please note that you are not able to add your own reviews for your business listing, you are able to reply to those reviews. Click on reviews on the left hand menu of your dashboard, and your reviews (if you have any) will be listed.

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