How to add your business to Hotfrog

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How to add your business to Hotfrog

Now you know the benefits of adding your business to Hotfrog, find out how easy it is to do by following the following steps:


Go to Hotfrog website and click the ‘Add Business link’, this will open the login and option for registration in a new page. Click ‘Don’t have an account?’ button.

You then Type in your email address and click ‘Get started’ button

The system will send a confirmation email and will require you to verify your email address by clicking the provided link. This will open in a new tab to set your account password.

Set your account password

Fill in your account’s basic profile details
Fill in the company name, address and click “Find address” button to pin the location on the map

Once complete, you can then submit the profile.

You are then required to verify ownership of the company by clicking the “Verify now” button

Verify the account by just completing the account setup for company submission.


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