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Where did Hotfrog get my information?

There are several sources from where Hotfrog may have obtained the details of your business. The details may have come from publicly available records, from websites or from commercial data suppliers. Business data is sometimes supplied from other parts of the group of companies who own the Hotfrog websites.

How Hotfrog can help your business

A profile on Hotfrog is a constant online sales tool working for your business every day.

Why is a directory listing worth your while - Infographic

In Why is a directory listing worth your while we showed you that featuring your business in an online directory is not a waste of time. If we didn't convince you then, we made this infographic to convince you now.

Why are you receiving an email from Hotfrog Data Services?

The reason that you have received an email from Hotfrog Data Services (HDS) is that you opted to receive third party offers when you added or updated a profile on Hotfrog. When opting into third party offers on Hotfrog, you agree to the Terms and Conditions which state that you agree to receive offers from third parties.

What's included in a Hotfrog profile?

Make your business stand out online with Hotfrog, the free online directory featuring more than 66 million* businesses across 32 countries around the world.


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