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How Hotfrog can help your business

A profile on Hotfrog is a constant online sales tool working for your business every day.

Hotfrog has more than 66 million* businesses featured in 36 countries, giving businesses the chance to profile their operations, products and services - all for free!

The ideal Hotfrog profile contains your full business contact details so potential customers can contact you in the way that suits them, a link to your own website, business description, options for payment, images so people can see what your business provides and opening hours.

Hotfrog also provides unlimited keywords and page uploads in your profile for you to describe your business' products and services, online coupons so you can offer special promotions and detailed reports on the enquiries your profile is sending to your business on your Hotfrog dashboard.

To keep your Hotfrog profile up to date you can also add, edit and remove details at any time, which means potential customers can see the latest news and information about your business. Adding new information regularly also encourages people to come back to your profile.

Search engines index Hotfrog profiles, so when your customers use Google, Yahoo!, Bing or other search engines they are able to find your Hotfrog profile.

Hotfrog helps your business because profiles are available online 24 hours a day, from any computer, which means your business can be searched for at any time. Be sure to include interesting information about your business and make updates regularly as required, to gain the most from your Hotfrog profile.

* Correct as of end October 2010

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