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Benefits of Hotfrog Advantage

Target the right customers for your business with Hotfrog AdVantage, a simple and inexpensive way for you to create a professional online ad. Your ad will stand out from the competition and your profile will be free from competitors' advertising. The full focus is on your business and there are no other distractions for customers.

Your Hotfrog AdVantage ad appears on relevant pages guided by your keywords. Your ad stands out from the competition, grabbing the attention of more potential customers and allowing them to click through to either your profile or business website.

Your Hotfrog AdVantage ad works for your business in three ways.

1. Stand out from your competitors

When a customer searches for the keywords relevant to your business your Hotfrog AdVantage ad will increase the online exposure for your business. Your ad will clearly stand out from the local competition's profiles on Hotfrog.

2. Comprehensive business information

Tell customers all about your business with your AdVantage profile. It's a page dedicated to your business where there's plenty of room to describe your products and services and add pictures. You can also include a complete list of contact details, payment options and opening hours. Plus you have the ability to create coupons to promote special offers. Login to your Hotfrog dashboard anytime to update this information. Most importantly your profile will feature only your business. The page is ad free so customers aren't distracted by the competition.

3. Detailed reporting

Monitor the success of your Hotfrog AdVantage ad with easy-to-understand reporting. See how many people are clicking through to your AdVantage profile, how many visits to your business website from Hotfrog, plus how many people email you from Hotfrog. Also track how your keywords are working compared to other businesses.

4. Pay-as-you-go

With no up front fees or charges you pay-as-you-go with the option to cancel at anytime. You can use either credit or debit cards with payments charged on the same date each month based on your initial sign up date.

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