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Bulk Data Uploads

Need to add multiple businesses to Hotfrog's business directory? Do you want a simple process?

Try Hotfrog's Bulk Load facility with 4 easy steps...

1. You send us a Bulk Listing Load request - simply email [email protected] to obtain pricing and additional information

2. We'll send you our Standard data field template for you to populate.

For example - this will include:

  • spine data - business name, location, phone numbers, email address, fax number
  • contact details - name, email, postal address, phone number
  • business information - categories + keywords, description, website URL, social media links, payment options, opening hours, additional media (images, videos, coupons etc)

3. Send us back the Standard data field template when ready

4. We'll import and publish your listings straight onto the website for you.

In order to proceed, we will first need to check our database for existing profiles.

Once approved, any new profiles will be added to Hotfrog directory. Approval process may take up to 5 working days depending on data source and size.

Once completed we will provide a single login account for you to manage ALL your new Hotfrog business profiles OR you can use our Bulk Listing Update facility, as required.

For custom bulk loads or updates (usually non standard data fields or content) - please contact us for a quote.

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