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What is Hotfrog?

It's a place for you, the small business owner, to tell the world what you do differently. A Hotfrog profile is a tool for you to create demand for your business. Say exactly what's different about your products and services, add images, create coupons and put your business' unique approach and personality in front of people searching online. So if you consider service to be more than just delivering something on time, Hotfrog can help you stand out to potential customers.

Is Hotfrog really free? What's the catch?

A Hotfrog profile is absolutely free. Hotfrog provides its customers an upgraded paid option, Hotfrog AdVantage, but there is no obligation to signup at any time.

Can I email a business appearing on Hotfrog?

If a business has included email as a contact option you'll find a link called 'Email' on their profile, so it's easy for you to email them directly. If there's no email link, give them a call or follow the links to their business website.


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