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Writing Google-friendly products and services information on Hotfrog

Content is the star in the world of online marketing, branding, and advertising. But if you, the small business owner or your customers, create that content – in which case it becomes User Generated Content or UGC – your chances to be seen in the ever-changing, information overloaded Google jungle increase considerably.

How to use coupons to entice customers on Hotfrog

It’s a tough and volatile economy for small businesses worldwide.A dose of resilience and innovation, however, will help you on your path towards becoming a success story. So, buckle up, streamline and offer the break that many consumers are waiting for in this tough environment.

Why should I share examples of my best work on Hotfrog?

If you are new to Hotfrog, you’d probably be wondering whether it’s worth investing your time in completing some of the sections available to you in your dashboard. You know that keywords are almost an imperative to help searchers find the type of products and services you offer; images reflect who you are visually and put a face to your business; coupons entice customers to take that final step towards committing to a purchase; and the business description, products and services and news and updates sections help your customers get to know you better, allowing you to keep them updated about new arrivals and developments in your business

The importance of frequent Hotfrog updates

You want your Hotfrog profile to bring your business the best results possible. One of the best ways to do this is by updating your Hotfrog profile regularly so it stays interesting and full of fresh new content every time people visit.

Tips for online sales success leading up to the holiday season

As businesses gear up for the busiest shopping season of the year they can take advantage of a few simple steps to make it easier for potential customers to find them online: 1. Add Christmas and seasonally relevant product and service information to your online properties

Five tips to help you deal with negative customer reviews

Dealing with negative customer feedback has never been easy. Today, that difficulty is considerably multiplied given the broad online exposure of most small businesses. As soon as an online review takes a life of its own, there is no stopping the cascading effects for your business reputation. So, how do you contain the beast?


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