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The importance of frequent Hotfrog updates

You want your Hotfrog profile to bring your business the best results possible. One of the best ways to do this is by updating your Hotfrog profile regularly so it stays interesting and full of fresh new content every time people visit.

It is important to make sure the information in your profile is always current, so monthly updates are a good goal. Frequent updates also make your profile more interesting when potential customers revisit your profile.

Check the contact information in your Hotfrog profile regularly to make sure you can always be reached on the details listed. Use these regular updates to make any necessary changes to your business location, contact details, payment methods, operating hours or website URL. No business wants to miss out on a sale, especially if the reason is due to out-of-date contact details.

Add or edit product and service information to increase your business' search engine optimisation (SEO) and improve the chances of being found on search sites such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. While you're editing your profile, let Hotfrog's searchers - your potential customers -- know about your latest products and services and keep your offers up to date, for example offering a discount on cleaning products just in time for spring cleaning!

It is often said a picture tells a thousand words, so change your images regularly too. Entice user to come back to your profile by swapping the images and showing new products and services or seasonal images.

Post a must-have coupon or voucher on your Hotfrog profile to grab people's attention. Don't forget to make sure potential customers know about your promotions by using Hotfrog's coupon and voucher options to post electronic offers.

Sample editorial calendar

January - Start the year by checking, editing and updating your contact details.

February - Add one or more product or service articles, such as something for summer.

March - Review your business description and check that it includes a solid overview of your business and the products and services you offer.

April -Add product or service articles, such as something related to autumn or promote something for Mother's Day or Easter.

May -Try adding a voucher with an article describing the product or service you're offering at a discounted rate.

June -Add a product or service article around a winter theme.

July - Check and edit your contact details.

August - Let searchers know about news or company announcements by posting an article on your profile.

September - Start thinking about Christmas. Do you have any new products or services that fit a festive theme? Write an article or offer a voucher or discount and change your images to keep potential customers engaged.

OCtober - Check your description to make sure it is up to date heading into the festive season.

November - Double check your opening hours, particularly if you will have extended trading during the festive period. Add an article or voucher detailing any pre- or post-sales.

December - Add an article about a fast-selling or seasonal item

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