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Why should I share examples of my best work on Hotfrog?

If you are new to Hotfrog, you’d probably be wondering whether it’s worth investing your time in completing some of the sections available to you in your dashboard. You know that keywords are almost an imperative to help searchers find the type of products and services you offer; images reflect who you are visually and put a face to your business; coupons entice customers to take that final step towards committing to a purchase; and the business description, products and services and news and updates sections help your customers get to know you better, allowing you to keep them updated about new arrivals and developments in your business

But, how about your Best work? What is the Best work section suppose to do for you?

Try to think about Hotfrog’s Best work section as an online snapshot of your portfolio that helps customers track your accomplishments and industry activities. It’s a chance for you to exhibit the proudest moments of your business life and share your success stories for everyone to see.

Is that necessary?

Given that your Hotfrog profile already provides customers with detailed information about your business, do you still need to spend more time on your Best work section?

Yes, highly recommended.

We live in a very competitive business environment. Online record of your accomplishments will make you visible on the web. Being aware of that, Hotfrog wants to help you stand out from others and showcase your uniqueness. When you display your best work you are showcasing how your expertise and your knowledge, applied to your every day work, results in successful projects and happy customers. And we definitely don't want potential customers to miss that.

Because, you have probably spent a long time building your expertise in whatever industry you happen to be and invested some serious time and money to build up your knowledge and understanding of that industry. The result of all that effort is the work you produce for your customers day to day. So, it’s only fair you should display the best of those moments with your customers and with those that are searching for similar products or services online.

So, it’s a case of not only boasting about your expertise on this or that, it’s about showing searchers and potential customers how you’ve used it. A bit of modest bragging will not only help your customers see what you are capable of, but it will also help you build up your online reputation.

How do you add examples of your Best work on Hotfrog?


Once you gain access to your dashboard, scroll to the very last section in the page and you'll be presented with the option to "Add your best work". Click on the link and you'll navigate to the Best work editing page where you will be able to introduce a heading, a description and a catchy line for your best work example. Images are also highly recommended as are keywords as these will help search engines find your content easily and serve it to the type of customers you want.

And don't forget to refresh your best work examples regularly, there is no limitation to the number of articles you can upload to your profile.

By Teresa Rodriguez

Teresa is a linguist and specialist in intercultural communication, holding a MA in intercultural conflict resolution and a Post-grad. diploma in Translating and Interpreting. Teresa is an avid online researcher, social media player and bilingual content producer. She is currently Copy and Content Manager at Hofrog Hotfrog, and editor, writer and translator for the Hotfrog Small Business Hub. She also writes in her own blogs No-mad, and Digital cultures and translation.

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