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Lesson 1 - Help your customers connect with you

The more contact options you provide in your profile, the easier it will be for your customers to reach you in a way they choose

Lesson 2 - Be found where customers are looking

You’ll find the most qualified customers by thinking about the problems that your products and services help them solve – that's what they’re searching for.

Lesson 3 - Tell your story your way

Your business description tells people exactly what you do. Most importantly you can say things your way so customers understand who you are, what makes you different and why they should choose you.

Lesson 4 - Showcase what you do

Provide customers with the information they need to make a product or service decision – showcase all of your products and services with detailed descriptions. As well as keeping your customers up-to-date with what you offer, every product and service in your profile creates a new webpage on Hotfrog, providing a deeper profile that search engines will notice and reward.

Lesson 5 - Grab your customer's eye

Many people simply scan the internet, so grab their eye with images in every section of your profile. All of the strongest profiles on Hotfrog tell their story with images.


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