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Lesson 3 - Tell your story your way

Your business description tells people exactly what you do. Most importantly you can say things your way so customers understand who you are, what makes you different and why they should choose you.

An effective business description needs between 50 and 200 words that:

  • Talk about your history and achievements
  • Show your customers how your business solves their problems and meets their needs
  • Stand out from others by telling the world what you do differently

Here’s 4 handy tips on how to tell your story your way:

1. First impressions count

...especially in business. You want potential customers to get the right impression when they see your business description on Hotfrog. Make a personal connection with them by making it personal – it’s your business.

2. Keywords are key

Mention your business name and your top two or three keywords at least three times in your business description. This helps optimise your profile for search engines, which increases the chance of potential customers finding your business.

3. Don’t cut and paste

If you put the exact same business description on multiple websites, search engines may see it as duplicate content and give it less attention. Take a few minutes to describe your business differently and it will help both your Hotfrog profile and your own website.

4. It’s a summary – build more pages

Provide an overview of what you do and the product and services you offer, but to go into more detail on specific products and services, add them separately to your profile – more pages attracts more attention from customers and search engines.

Your business changes over time – so should your business description

It's a good idea to update your business description regularly, showing any change to your business, e.g. if you have introduced any new products or services or have removed others. Make full use of the Hotfrog service by reflecting changes to your business in your business description and by providing more detail in Products and Services pages, News and Updates pages and Best Work pages – remember, more pages attracts more attention from customers and search engines.

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