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Lesson 4 - Showcase what you do

Provide customers with the information they need to make a product or service decision – showcase all of your products and services with detailed descriptions

As well as keeping your customers up-to-date with what you offer, every product and service in your profile creates a new webpage on Hotfrog, providing a deeper profile that search engines will notice and reward.

To make sure your products and services are unique and relevant:

  • First, add unique keywords and brand names to your profile that compliment your products and services
  • Then, when creating each product or service page, attach these keywords to compliment each product and service you are showcasing
  • Be sure to include an image with every product and service – many people only scan web pages for images and only stop to read when an image catches their eye

Here’s 4 handy tips on showcasing what you do and sell:

1. Use descriptive names

Differentiate your products and services with names that demonstrate the problem solved or need addressed by the product or service. Instead of "Tuxedos" for a product name, use "Tuxedos for formals custom-fit in two days".

2. Address multiple needs separately

If you have a product or service that solves more than one type of problem or addresses many different needs, create a separate product or service for each problem or need – "Cakes for all occasions" becomes "Birthday cakes", "Wedding cakes", "Anniversary cakes" and more.

3. Provide detailed descriptions

Describe your products and services in detail and make sure you focus on the problems the product or service solves or the need it meets to make sure it is relevant to what the customer is specifically looking for.

4. Always include an image that tells a story

Many people scan web pages and only stop to read when an image catches their eye. Include an image with every product and service and make sure the image tells a story by showing the product or service in action – catalogue images can be boring.

There’s no limit to what you can do

The more content you add to your profile about your business and your products and services, the more likely it is it you will be found by potential customers looking for what you offer. Hotfrog gives you unlimited product and service information uploads, so make the most of your profile and include as much detail as possible to give people a clear picture of your business. Remember you can edit and remove these pages or details at any time to keep your profile interesting for when customers visit again.

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