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Lesson 5 - Grab your customer's eye

Many people simply scan the internet, so grab their eye with images in every section of your profile. All of the strongest profiles on Hotfrog tell their story with images.

  • Upload your logo to keep your business branding fresh in potential customer’s minds
  • Build an image gallery from pictures of your business in action –show what you and your products do in action so each picture tells a story
  • Ensure all of your products and services include an image so customers can capture a quick impression of what you offer

Here’s 4 handy tips on grabbing your customer’s eye:

1. Reinforce your brand

Your logo is part of your company image. Providing a logo that looks good in a square space and in a relatively small size is important to reinforcing who you are.

2. Let your pictures tell your story

Add pictures that show you and your business solving customers’ problems and meeting their needs. Action shots are much more interesting and genuine than posed shots or catalogue-style images.

3. Add captions to images

Describe the product or service image by giving every image a caption. Use words customers searching for that product or service would type into a search engine, for example e.g. 'Refurbished timber floorboards'.

4. Showcase your best work

Nothing tells potential customers that you’re the right person for the job more than living examples of your best work. Create powerful impressions by sharing images and descriptions of your most successful projects.

Illustrate everything

Every time you add a new item to your profile – Products and Services, News and Updates, examples of your Best Work or Coupons – make sure you have a picture that complements the item and draws customers in. Update your images regularly to make sure your latest products and services are on display and remove any outdated images, e.g. images of products or services you no longer supply.

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