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How to Add your Business to Hotfrog

- Go to Hotfrog website and click the “Add Business link”, this will open the login and option for registration on a new page. Click “Don’t have an Account?” button.

How to Set your Contact Information

- Once your account has been set up, you can then login to your dashboard. You will be presented with a list of helpful tools to help you get the most out of your Hotfrog listing.

How to Add Basic Details

- You can add or change basic information for your business such as company name and address.

How to Set your Location

- You can make it easier for your customers to locate you using a map. Just click on the find me button and Hotfrog will auto-locate your address on the map. Should you have a business that is mobile or security conscious, you can hide your physical address.

How to Add Websites and Social Media Accounts

- To add or remove websites for your company simply click ‘add a website URL’ and you are able to add or change the website address that you wish to display to your customers.

How to Add Operating Hours

- Simply click on the opening hours option on the left hand menu on your dashboard and left your customers to know your hours of operation.

How to Add Company Logo and Profile Banner

- To add your company logo to your listing click on the logos and images option, select add logo and you will be able to upload your logo to your company profile. If you would like to add images of your company or examples of your work. Just click add image and upload your preferred images to be displayed on your profile.


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